Specialist Crane Lifts

Haas-Tek Services can support a range of specialist crane lifting activities using our in house cranes up to 55Tonne capacity or our network of national CPA crane providers up to 1000Tonne. All our crane lift activities are supportted as follows:


Full assessment of the lift requirements

Our Appointed Persons will undertake a full assessment of the lift requirements. If necessary site surveys will be undertaken.

Detailed Lift Planning

Our Appointed Persons will prepare detailed lift plans showing a full dimensional overview of the crane position, operating ranges, proximity hazards and exclusion zone. The lift plans will show the full rigging requirements along with all associated design calculations.

If required our Appointed Persons will coordinate with third parties such as Network Rail, Civil Aviation Authorities, Roads, Higways Utilty companies, National Grid.

Safe Systems Of Work (SSOW)

Our Appointed Person will prepare full documentation incorporating detailed Method Statements, Risk Assessements, Lift Planning Control & Check sheets, Weather reports etc. All crane lift activities are designed, coordinated and controlled in accordance with BS7121 and LOLER 1998.

Selection of Equipment & Personnel

Our Appointed Persons will ensure the correct Crane, Ballast & Rigging are deployed. Our Appointed Person will also ensure that all personnel involved with controlling and supporting lift activities are fully competent and have the relevant certification.