Specialist Haulage

At Haas-tek Services Ltd, our specialist haulage heavy goods vehicles are fitted with hydraulic hi-ab cranes and feature extending step-frame and super low-loader type trailers. These specialist heavy haulage vehicles are suitable for a wide range of abnormal load movements and out-of-gauge transport requirements.

Abnormal Load Haulage

Abnormal load haulage

We also offer an extending vessel carrier trailer for abnormal load haulage which can accommodate silos and vessels up to 4.75 metres diameter and 11 metres long.

This is one of only a few such abnormal load haulage units available within the UK and complements the fleet with the ability to easily transport large vessels over considerable distances.


Escorting Abnormal Loads

Escorting abnormal loads

Our escort vehicles can be provided to accompany specialist haulage, out of gauge and abnormal loads.

At Haas-tek we also liaise with local police authorities in the UK to negotiate suitable routes and times to transfer difficult loads whilst minimising the level of disruption to other road users.


Specialist haulage vehicles

Specialist Haulage Vehicles

Using our own transport vehicles for specialist haulage ensures that Haas-tek is not reliant on contracting work to third party hauliers, thus minimising the likelihood of delays and downtime.





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